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The first step in planning is to purchase land within your budget, on which you intend to build your new home.  Several factors relating to your land have a bearing on the final design that will suit and compliment your property.

To choose a home plan before selecting your land is the same as putting "the cart before the horse"

To avoid this scenario we recommend that after you have selected your property you should contact us to discuss your requirements and size of your property so that we may design a home exclusively for your property.  Should you be about to purchase your land we will happily inspect it prior to purchase with no obligation to build with us.

Expert management of the process from concept to completion by the professionals at IQH will ensure a safe, easy and enjoyable experience, whilst providing you with an exceptional levels of service and support.

Why not ring the office and make an appointment for an obligation free chat.  We can guarantee that you will go away better informed than when you arrived.